Tags: emotional

I put my heart in every picture

Kế hoạch chống dính

Client: Bluestone Vietnam

Project: Kế Hoạch Chống Dính

PH: Seemedia

Hành Trình Hy Vọng

Client: Hy Vọng Cancer Center

Agency: Click Media

Produced by: Macaron & CK MEDIA

My nagging mom

Sesamin EX – Suntory

Daiko Mekong – Big Head

Merap Tết

Merap 2019 Vì Bạn Xứng Đáng

Vì Bạn Xứng Đáng

Hành Trình 20 Năm Phát Triển

Brand: Merap

Agency: Magic Number

Skechers Viettien

Teacher’s Day

Your Lifetime Teacher

Client: Skechers Viet Tien

PH: Red Carpet

FV Hospital 101%

FV Hospital 101%

Client: FV Hospital

Agency: Click Media

PH: Macaron Studio & CK Media


Agency: DSquare

Room To Read

Client: Room To Read Vietnam
Format: Documentary
Duration: 4 mins

Cooperated with Quinn Mattingly

Tay Hai Parish

With souls the same as ours, they deserve to be treated better.

Winner, Unique Story Award.

As judged by Tony Thomopoulos.